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Idag delar jag med mig av mina små tips hos kvinnonätverket SheSays, så jag tänkte att jag delar med mig av de här också.

Let us introduce you to Henrietta Fromholtz, SheSays Women of the Week!

How you got there?
I have dared to see my obstacles and that’s why I have always dared to challenge them. Example: When I left Berghs I signed for a job as Head of Communication in a leadernetwork, which was I felt was huge but I decided to do it and bought a pile of books about leaders, that I then read during a party trip to Ibiza.

What is your best advice?
Find a thing that you dare to say you’re best at and sound confident, then your self esteem grows. It’s important to believe in yourself and be able to say that out loud.

Why is the creative industry not equal?
It’s sad that all industries are equally bad and that the creative industry can’t show how it’s supposed to be done.

What does the future of our industry look like?
I don’t think we can have organizations where everyone is just specialist on one thing much longer. I think that generalists are the future.

Anything else you’d want to share?
Don’t take any shit and dare to jump off when you no longer enjoy what you do. I switched jobs twice in 6 months because I could take being treated unfairly by men at work daily. I didn’t give a damn if someone thought I was weak, how it would look on my CV – I quit and then I talked about it. My career has not been hurt by my decision and I don’t think anyone else’s would be either.

Jobbar du inom marknadsföring eller tech? Kika in SheSays. Riktigt coolt nätverk med många spännande planer.


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